Guess what it was??

No, not the bottom falling out of the financial world. No, not the plane taking off from Laguardia that narrowly escaped certain disaster by landing in the Hudson. No, not the news that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is spawning again.

Nothing so silly as that, oh no. What happened was that a CRUMBS moved in three blocks away! Curse ye Crumbs! *wail* And just when the weather is starting to improve too. Now I cannot go for a walk without stopping in. First I went in ostensibly to buy a cupcake for Josh. Today I also decided to buy one for myself…a carrot one! Come on, it’s practically a vegetable. I had every intention of saving it for dessert tonight but now look!


I ate half for lunch. At 3:30pm. I know, clearly being back at work hasn’t improved my diet at all. And then I ate two servings of goat cheese spaghetti for dinner. Except that my goat cheese had gone bad, so instead I used sour cream. Full fat sour cream. It was sour cream spaghetti. I am so so full but am yet fairly certain the remainder of this cupcake will be eaten before the end of the night. Yes, by me. In case that wasn’t clear.

This needs to be written down, memorialized forever and ever, so that in ten years when I still haven’t lost these love handles I’ll know why and be appropriately ashamed.