Dearest little girl,

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last letter. Pretty awesome of your mama, right? She’s totally on a roll here. I’m compelled to write today as this has been quite a momentous time for our little family and I’m too excited to keep it to myself. And of course your more grown self will be so fascinated to hear a play by play of your most wondrous development!

The biggest news is that we started solids this weekend! Woot! If you can call hopelessly thinned out organic brown rice cereal a “solid,” that is…I can’t say it’s the tastiest thing ever (yep, I tried it!!) but for someone like yourself who has only ever had breastmilk and sundry medications, it must be a nice change for the palate! Don’t worry, we have other delicious snacks lined up for you, including the butternut squash that I pureed up for you today. Unfortch I’m not allowed to season anything yet but soon, my little gastronome in training! You seemed okay with the experience and ate maybe a quarter to half of a tablespoon of the cereal. The rest got allllll over your face and bib and Bumbo. Such fun! You also got sips of water while you were eating. You loved to grab your cup and give it a vigorous shake-shake-shake!  Luckily those sippy cups are built to withstand a bit of abuse.

You spent lots of time in your beloved Jumperoo today and I am just in awe that you are the same little thing I brought home from the hospital. Could it be? You are so incredibly strong and full of personality, and you grew into this child out of the wee blob you were! I thought I’d be sadder about your growing up so fast, but there’s really no time to dwell because each stage is so exciting and new. I spend many many hours on mommy forums and reading up on things like solids and vaccination schedules and growth percentiles. You had me panicked last weekend with your puking. Poor baby!

And of course, as usual, you have me utterly discombobulated with your sleep patterns. Daytime is less of an issue for me now as of course daycare’s in charge four days a week, but sometimes you do funky things like only take twice in a night…and then two nights later, you decide you’re awake for the day at 4:30am. That was last night, by the way, and wow, was that awful. Nothing worse than nursing a baby you think is pretty much conked out in the middle of the night and then looking down and seeing two huge eyes staring at you unblinkingly in the dark…I tried my best to ignore you and pretend to be asleep, but you’re pretty wily. You started smacking at my face, and when that didn’t work, you started smacking your dad! Don’t have to tell you that I’m fervently hoping that that was a one-off. Mama needs more than four hours of sleep a night, please and thank you.

The other completely amazing thing you started to do this weekend was mimic noises. Before now you’d sort of mimicked things like tongue movements, or when you’d see us chewing you’d try to do the same thing. But this weekend you did a pretty respectable howl after hearing mom and dad demonstrate a few of them. And then, oh my goodness…your dad’s been trying to get you to say “dah-dee” for ages now, and I would tell him there would be no talking for months. But today you said it TWICE! I kid you not. I’m too embarrassed to share this story because for sure people will think I’m a crazy mom insisting her kid’s a genius. And yes, it’s only parroting and not quite using a word in context, but we HEARD you say “dah-dah”! (I know, not “dah-dee,” but close enough!) What a thrill for your pa!

I wish I could say things are as much fun when you’re in daycare, but at least when I come down you often do a pretty good job of indicating that you’d Displeased with the situation. I sympathize, really. It must be strange with all the other kids and teachers, as nice as they all are. Hopefully you’ll come to appreciate them soon! I caught you shooting a smile at Miss Karen the other day, which made me so very happy.

Busy days ahead my love! We have Easter coming up, and your daddy’s first business trip on his own since you were born. We’re going to be on our own for three days, yikes! We’ll have to get big concessions from him in exchange. I suggest we stick him with all the cleaning one week and take ourselves off for a cupcake, or maybe a cocktail!