And I just have to tell you all about it because it’s purdy! And otherwise not particularly seemly to brag of one’s conquests…n’est-ce pas? 















But it is just so beautiful! Came across it by pure happenstance. We had a little family walk when the weather cleaned up today and ended up at Banana Republic so Josh could replace two pairs of shoes. Seriously, people…he has his “favorite” shoes from there and just keeps replacing them when his current pairs get worn. Nothing if not predictable and easily satisfied, my dear love. But anyway, I just went to check out shoes – %30 off – and instead came upon this beauty! She was originally $280, which, hah! Bitch pleaaaase…love you, Banana Republic, but you ain’t that fancy. It was marked down to $170 and we got another 10% off with our BR Card. Very happy with this purchase! It’s really tricky to find nice bags when you’re petite, because some of the gorgeous large totes you see on celebrities and models are absolutely enormous in real life. Doesn’t really work when you’re otherwise quite diminutive, the Oslen twins notwithstanding.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got for today. Just a little frivolous squee!