Not so that we could work more, though. Hah! No, actually, the husband and I went on our first “date” since Piglet was born. I know, you’re like, shyte, isn’t Piglet like a year old?? Well, she’s 7.5 months, and no, it wasn’t from any martyred conviction that I simply couldn’t possibly leave my baby. It’s really just that she’s only recently been going 3+ hours without eating, and sleeping a good stretch at a time. 

Of course, we were on this awesome tear of her almost always sleeping 7 – 10 without a peep…and then teething set in. Ugh! It’s been Unpleasant to say the least, and I was seriously contemplating canceling the sitter last night because I knew she’d have to contend with some crying. Sure enough, when we walked in the door at 10, there was the sitter bouncing little Piglet in her arms. Bah. But, she went down really easily after that (with the help of some Hyland’s teething tablets! thank heavens for little helpers) and all was well. Not to say she didn’t wake like every hour afterwards, though!

Total cost of the night: $300++. Meep. I know. Nuts. Dinner was like $250 I think, cab there was $8, sitter was $60. But well worth it; it’s not like we get out much nowadays, and it was important to connect with the spousal unit, especially with all this travel stuff stressing us out.

Because…I don’t know how people can deal with a spouse that travels frequently. It is grindingly difficult…not even so much the childcare aspect of it because really, the baby isn’t that much work. She gets taken care of most of the day by daycare, obv, and then at night I basically get the fun stuff: the cuddles, the stories, the nursing, the baths, etc. But the mental work that goes into running a household is too farking much for one person. When did the dog go out? Did he poop? Does the cat have food? Are the dishes done so I have bottles for tomorrow? Running low on diapers? When’s the cleaning lady coming – should I leave a key? Packages to pick up from the valet? ARGH! And that’s with various parties and people handling most of my mundane stuff for me. Just not a tenable situation in the long-term. The thought of having to do all this, without the “help” of the myriad Manhattan service-providers, and with more than one kid, is like an icy cold hand upon my heart. 

And that’s to say nothing of the toll it takes upon a marriage. Hooey. The whole absence makes the heart grow fonder thing? Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe if you have nothing to do except for pine away for your partner during their absence and then bask in their company upon their return. But in reality, most of us are trying to just push on through and get through our days, only to throw a laundry list of Things to Do at our returning spouse when they walk on through the front door. And it’s not fair to them either; yes, they’ve been away, but they’ve been working too. (Even though I am irrationally irritated by the fact that HE gets to sleep through the night by himself in a cozy hotel room…HE gets to eat hot meals with clients and colleagues uninterrupted…HE can even get up early and use the hotel gym if he wants to…) Cue two sleep-deprived, time-squeezed, personal-time-lacking, many-errands-yet-to-do parents, and even a weekend isn’t enough to soothe away the inevitable sniping and petty bickering that can ensue. 

A break would be nice. So nice. But this week he’s gone Thurs – Sun. If you don’t see me for awhile, that’s okay. Just picture me doing this.