I should apologize…I want to apologize…I fear that you might doubt my sincerity, but in any event, I shall apologize. Attempt number 234790745 at blogging, failed! I fully understand and anticipate having, like, zero readership at this point, but that’s okay. Might even be for the best, because…

Well, the premise of the blog has kind of changed, even though I styled it so deliberately amorphously as a “lifestyle” blog. I am still a working mother, yes, but with very different circumstances, especially because, zomg, my husband is now a stay at home father. How could such a thing transpire? Ahh, probably too much crap to even begin to delve into now. The short story is that one full-time insane job that involves completely unpredictable hours + another full-time job with slightly more reasonable hours but mucho travel together do not make for the most dynamic parenting duo you could imagine. Surprise!

I’m a little embarrassed to even put that down on paper because I know, I know, that so many of you super, incredible, awesome parents do so much and handle your shit so beautifully. Heck, not even just the parents…those of you trying to get by working crazy tough jobs, while going to school or caring for elderly relatives or who take on amazing volunteer gigs. I am a spoiled wench with many problems of my own making in comparison, and I know that. But I couldn’t ever shake the feeling that we just lived in this crazy whirlwind of work, so much money (too much money…) and never enough time for anything other than what felt like drudgery even though we outsourced like every single task possible. Someone Else was in charge of cleaning our house, walking our dog, washing our clothes, delivering our groceries, cooking most of our food and effectively raising our kid…and it sucked. It hurt our marriage. I look back on our summer like, wha? Was either of us, like, present? Well, Josh actually wasn’t, for much of it, but even mentally. I was scattered…and that wasn’t even with a proper lawyerly workload of the sort I’ve been accustomed to in the past.

And so, the present (of the other, less metaphysical sort). It’s been long enough now, I think, to have some more thoughts on this new arrangement and our feelings about it, and so I hope to share them with the universe, and anyone who cares to stick around to see how this develops, even though it won’t quite have the same “working mother trying to handle it all” flair it once did. As another somewhat alarming sign of the times, Josh decided to start a blog too. He can also be a terribly sporadic updater, but when he writes it can be worth a read. I will note that I do the editing. Zing.