And so far it seems the easier route is to continue with this blog. But it’s in need of some serious gussying up. I’ve actually done some, like, reading about blogging. No longer will word vomit of the randomest sort suffice. Oh no! We will need pictures! Links! Flashes! And frequent updates! I feel like I can do this, no really, stop laughing, I am determined!

The timing may truly be right this time, anyway! I’ve always gotten into blogging or at least felt a significant urge in that direction when I’ve had major changes on the horizon. Well, wouldn’t you know it? Big Things Happening! We’re moving back to Canada within a couple of weeks. I’m oscillating between being totally thrilled about the changes, terrified about leaving my comfortable life here, despondent about the amount of paperwork I have to tackle in preparation for an international move and my most compelling impulse of all – avoidance. Hmmm. That + urge to blog = things that might be related? Look at that, I’m stumbling upon accidental insights already. This must be a worthwhile endeavor.

I am certain that my readership has moved on to better things by now and perhaps that’s for the best. It might take a minute for me to figure out where I’m going with all of this and whether I even really want to share. But if any of you are out there, thanks for the visit! :wave: And see you next time :).