She’s gearing up for her final aria, because here I sit in an empty apartment. Well, empty other than a certain dog, cat, mattress and sundry personal items. I have to tough it out, alone in the world, for another eight days, after which I am officially done with all things NYC.

I’m mostly just lonely right now. I’ve heard that the kids have been a handful and a half today but it is still so odd to be without them. It’s like being anchorless, just wandering from one task to another without any over-arching structure provided by their needs. Normally my day would more or less be dictated by when they woke up, how they slept, how they were eating, and how quickly I could get out of the office to ensure I spent some time with them before bed. Now it’s like I could do anything in the world! And yet what I’ll most likely do is find some sushi for dinner and fall asleep after spending some quality time with the NYT’s style section. Sadness!