Until my vacation from the kids is over! Hah. I’ve been a little alarmed at how much I hate being away from them. I’d plotted a happy life of periodic kid-free vacations and now I have to reevaluate. Although this experiment is hardly representative of what a real vacation would be, of course. I currently have a mattress and a laptop to my name! Still, my time is all mine.

And it’s interesting to see what a person actually does with unrestricted free time (and very few “things”). It should really be a window into me, shouldn’t it? A sort of “do what you do” type thing? Well for me that would be…eating, I suppose. My venturing out is mostly to hit the bank machine, meet with friends and eat! Truthfully I think I could do without a bit of eating for a while, though. I have exactly one month before my firm retreat to South Beach and holy lord, what on earth am I going to wear (that’ll fit?). But part of the leaving the city experience involves rounds of parties and visits and things and it’s really hard to constantly order the mixed greens and steamed fish. Woe is me!