Our stuff will be delivered to our new-to-us townhouse on Tuesday! We are in the home stretch, finally. Crazy how large, unpleasant tasks that you sort of mentally relegate to “a long long ways away still” suddenly present themselves; the great part of that, of course, is that they generally aren’t as horrible as you anticipate that they will be, and are over just as quickly!

Right now we’re at my mom’s house outside of the city. Sadly, she and my stepdad have left for overseas already but the darling woman delayed her trip almost two whole weeks to stay and help J out with the kids while he ran about town attending to various unpleasant moving-related errands that would have been about ten thousand times more excruciating with a toddler and infant in tow. Yay moms! I can’t even imagine how we would have managed in a new city where we didn’t know anyone. I owe someone an amazingly huge good turn in thanks for all of our good fortune.

I really need to think about how I can try to integrate all these little bits and pieces of our lives into something of a whole as soon as possible. The poor kids have had their lives turned upside down, my animals are probably completely shell-shocked, and J and I are just plain worn out. And I start a new job on Monday! A mental break would have been nice, but hopefully this will prevent me from getting all depressed about missing my old firm and friends. 🙂 Onwards and upwards, right? I think my first task will be a nice breakfast for us on the weekend. Nothing crazy, just maybe pancakes and fruit and mimosas – something to just make us feel like it’s home! I haven’t cooked in ages – sadness!