And very close to being fully unpacked and set up, thanks to the spousal unit. This is beyond a full time job. What in god’s name would we have done had both of us had to plunge into work right away? No – it can’t even be thought of. Ugh.

So there it goes, I’ve pretty much exhausted my allowances for complaining about moving internationally with two small children. I know you pity me appropriately and all, and now just want me to move on. Believe me – I’m so with you! I feel like I’m in limbo, but just started to think more about what our New Lives are going to look like and how I’m going to cope being a working mom of two! Yes, I have been working pretty much full time since A came along, with appropriate breaks for maternity leave and whatnot, plus my short-lived stint as a flex-time associate, but it’s mostly been one long honeymoon period because J’s been home with them. It’s not quite the same as being a working mom who actually has to cook, clean, organize wee beings and make it home in time for daycare pickup. It’s going to be a very steep learning curve! And I’m going to have to take a hard look at the things that I absolutely will have to outsource. I know it’s just a matter of prioritizing and that’s fine, everyone has to do that, but some decisions are just so daunting I don’t even know where to begin to tackle them. For example, the question of what in Hades we’re going to do for childcare. I’ve been toying with the nanny vs. daycare question ever since Cole came along. I doubt I’d have spent $4k per month just for a nanny for A, but when you want to have two kids in a quality daycare, it’s not that much more expensive to get  nanny! But J isn’t enthused. He thinks our primary motivations for such a setup would stem from our own desire for seamlessness and convenience in our lives. Touche. It’s true. But – is that such a terrible thing? We’re both going to be working damned hard, and it’s not like we have family to constantly lean on (our lovely families would be more than happy to help in a pinch here and there, but can hardly be asked to take on a much larger portion of our responsibilities!).

Any readers (do I have readers!?) with thoughts on this issue?