And who would have thought I’d say that a week after I got back from South Beach? 🙂

I have to admit, I was tweaking a little. It is truly the height of awkwardness to go away on vacation with people you semi-know from work. Worse, they all know each other very well and it’s like the first day at a new high school. It’s like I’m Bella! But without the rich and all-powerful vampire boyfriend, booo.

I don’t take enough time to dwell on how wonderful my life is and I am determined to do a better job of this, a la the Happiness Project. It’s like even when I’m happy I have to fuss about something. This week I finally started getting new projects, meeting new people and putting my brain to work. I was thrilled! And I made it to the gym twice. But I missed my babies too. There’s no way around it, I think. I love my children so much, and as they get older it becomes sadder and sadder to be away from them a few days a week. But – I love my job too, and it makes so many wonderful things in our lives possible! I love the freedom and the comforts it brings to our lives and I don’t think I’d be as happy with a job that gave me more time at home, as crazy as that sounds. No one said it would be easy, I suppose.

This weekend, I have glorious plans…to cook my babies breakfast, take a family excursion to the library, and church, and get in a few hours of work. Further ambitions I have none, and it is blissful.