I’m baaaaa-ack! With real news, yall. I have…a BABY! Yes, another one. No, I really don’t know how this keeps happening. She is sweet and little and not quite three weeks old and I am not sure how we ever got along without her. Also? I live in the suburbs now! And, like, the “outer” suburbs, which is like the kind of place where you tell city people you live and they do a total double take. We have cars, plural, in fact they are SUVs and we should be so ashamed but instead I’m really just happy I have a way to transport these misfit toys.

I feel like a new theme might be necessary – not enough to actually try to rebrand and fiddle with the settings of this place but just to orient my thoughts about what the heck I should be sharing with the world, because what we all need is yet another mommy blog. Mine will probably have to do with how I’m a pathetic late bloomer as a mom…no, seriously. This is actually a good thing because I can chart my progress quite nicely and it ends up building confidence! Like today, I took the baby to the grocery store all by myself in my car and while I was there she started to feel a bit insecure in my carrier. Did I freak out? Oh hell no. I shamelessly yanked her out and laid her down IN THE GROCERY CART (in my defence, I laid her on my purse, she’s really wee!), retied the Moby and plonked her back in. I am badass. First time mom me would probably have burst into tears and gone home. Eff that, first time mom me wouldn’t have been caught dead alone with a baby in a grocery store not three weeks post-partum. But I need to catch up, times a-wasting after all. Most women with three kids can weave cloth diapers out of dried grass and analyze the contents of said diapers at forty paces, but I, well, I just needed some more time than most!

Once again, I am determined to try out this whole blogging thing. I truly have such gems to share, most of which will be humorous at my expense, so stick around, will you?