How much have I shared about my bigger kids? A lot? Not in the sort of braggy here are the details about their current potty habits, but about when they were little? Never mind. The most important thing to know is that they were heinous babies and by heinous I of course mean that they were wonderful, sweet, delicious and all but they were bad sleepers. When a baby is a bad sleeper, it really colours your entire mat leave experience, because generally bad sleepers are overtired and cranky, and that’s to say nothing of the total wreck you become trying to take care of them.

New baby – let’s call her Tertius – is still in a sleepy newborn fugue so it’s too early to call it in terms of whether she’ll be heinous or not. I, however, at least am experienced enough to know to enjoy every minute she’s sleeping…in fact it’s been a little nuts. My husband went on a business trip and instead of freaking the eff out, I called my mom, she came to stay, and I spent my days shopping, Starbucks-ing and undertaking random household projects like reorganizing my pantry and bleaching all my white linens and towels. Sure, I would feel pretty wrecked by the end of each day, and be roundly scolded by my mother, who still believes in the ancient Indian tradition of new moms being waited on hand and foot for the first 40 days post-partum (!!)…but SHIT my house is orderly and clean and it makes me feel so in control. And that, my friends, is a better feeling than being relaxed…the rest of you Type A loons will relate.

Of course I now need to compensate by lolling around on the couch today, watching Scrubs, online shopping and planning delicious things to cook. I may even take a picture of one pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting I plan to tackle! One thing, however, I will NOT be doing is attempting to alter a maxi dress I bought two months ago, despite watching copious YouTube tutorials and receiving gentle instruction from perennially optimistic girlfriends who have insisted that I can do it. I was very, very motivated to avoid the $40 charge we were quoted by the local tailor but I feel like this is a lesson in knowing your limits. I might be able to fly but I’m not, like, Martha. Accordingly: “alter dress” has been amended on the To Do list to “take dress in for alterations.”