I’m back at work April 1. I know, crazy, right? There hadn’t been much thought of that but as I sort of thought it might go down, I kind of suddenly decided it was time to move it along. I’m so lucky that the spousal unit is taking parental leave for a few months. Yes – that exists!

Not only does this shock non-Canadians, but most Canadians don’t know that both parents have the right to parental leave. Ontarians do anyway – check the Employment Standards Act! You can only access the statutory payments for a total of 52 weeks but if you don’t mind taking unpaid time off, you have the benefit of job protection for longer than a year. And this is amazing because it can be a total bitch finding childcare for even a one year old. Many centres don’t have space for “infants” and instead begin their programs at 18 months. I would have been in a total jam for childcare, so we put our heads together and decided that we’d take the risk of J becoming an instant persona non grata at the office and taking the leave that he’s entitled to. Fab, right? I think it will really take men in senior level positions sticking their necks out like this for it to become normal and accepted practice.