This has actually been social media-friendly news for some time but shocker, I didn’t think to share on this blog.

Tomorrow is my last day at this firm, in fact my last day as a practising lawyer for…I don’t know. Forever? I was going through this mentally the other day, though. I am still a lawyer, technically, because I will have to pay fees to the licensing authorities in New York and Ontario until I die and the worms are eating me and even then they may still bill my descendants if they can find an arguable loophole. But no one is paying my professional liability insurance anymore. I sure as hell am not. I’m ticking off the “non-practising” box on the exemption form and they can take their invoice for $1500 (or whatever it was for the rest of this year) and use it for kindling. So I’m a lawyer who can’t practice. What’s the legal equivalent of a Squib?

Today I’m taking home my barrister’s gown. In Ontario, we gown when appearing in certain courts, on certain proceedings.  While I have been to court, I’ve only appeared before masters (not judges) and accordingly have not had to wear the gown. Sooo they’ve been worn exactly once. To the call to the bar ceremony. Et fin. It’s over. I may never argue in court again. Ask me how much I care. No, seriously ask me.

Right now I don’t care, and I’m a little disappointed with myself. As I’ve told anyone who would listen on this blog, I felt drawn to law from a young age and if I thought there was anything I’d want to do, I’m sure appearing in court would have been sort of significant. After all, they don’t churn out legal novels and movies and t.v. shows based on the work that lawyers actually do, which generally consists of sending nasty letters and going blind reading and revising agreements.

I think it’s just become clear to me that I like the law in theory more than in practice and I’m just so unoriginal because it’s a pretty common thing. I’ll still be doing something law-esque and I’m sure my legal education and experience will serve me well  but if I never again have to look into what kind of motion I can bring to stay a proceeding in Saskatchewan I think my life will have had some kind of meaning after all. Perhaps for some of us the practice of law even brings out the worst in our personalities – maybe that’s original! But for someone like me who is inclined to be worried and anxious and obsessive about stupid details that likely don’t matter, litigation is probably the worst possible career choice. All you ever see around you is stuff going wrong. How can that not warp your general outlook on life?