I am a little over two months into the new gig and I’m sure you are all so excited to hear how it’s going. 🙂

Allow me to give you a wee example of how today went. I showed up and the system allowing us to log into head office was down. This is so unremarkable as to not even be a subject of discussion among my co-workers. When I remarked out loud that the system was down, they were all, “Oh yeah. It’s not working for me either.” No harm no foul?

I ended up with a lot of spare time today, utterly adrift in my cubicle as I don’t even have a Blackberry to know if anyone is trying to reach me. After finishing the internet several times over, I marched over to the supply shelves, armed with disinfecting wipes and reorganized to my heart’s content. Guys? This is not the kind of work you can do when you’re billing someone $600 an hour for your time. It’s been a while since I futzed with hanging folders. And you know what? It was kind of a blast. It’s nice being able to care about your work environment and do a little something to spruce it up and make it work better for others, too, rather than constantly feeling like you need to justify your existence at every single minute of every day. I felt the same sense of accomplishment when I was the first person in the office to figure out how to get our copier to print envelopes. Yes, professionals can muddle along without an admin (as us lowly government workers do) but that doesn’t mean that we can’t turn out a nicely printed envelope, alright?

Beyond good times with office supplies, I feel like I’ve been given a new lease on life. Sure, there are parts of the job that are a snooze, the pay is the opposite of awesome and there are personalities to manage just like anywhere else but overall it’s such a nice environment. We did a little wine and cheese half hour on Friday. People care about my opinion (I know, what?) and nurture relationships. It’s quite amazing. And I can be so much more present at home than I have been in ages, and it’s paying off – I think, anyway! My oldest just turned 5 and I feel like she’s this super rational, interesting creature all of a sudden…she remembers all kinds of things I just say out of the blue, which is kind of amazing if only because it makes you realize that you need to be careful about the things you say! It’s just nice to see this super clear connection between your efforts and the kind of kid they turn out to be, you know?

And I’ve been exercising and reading and going to church and making my own lunches and cooking dinner every night…all kinds of wild and crazy stuff that I would never have dreamed of working into the old schedule before. This is really the happiest I can remember being in so long and it isn’t any kind of happiness that I remember from before, funnily. I don’t feel all that much anxiety about the future. I am not worried about omg, what next all the time. It just feels like things are finally unfolding into a rhythm. I don’t know if it’s the job, the exercise, the spiritual contemplation or just all my kids finally getting a tiny bit easier to handle but this is so lovely and peaceful.