I’ve seen millions of my friends’ kids’ school portraits over the years, especially since I’ve been a Facebook user, but this year is totally terrifying because a) many of these kids are A’s age (so the 5/6 cohort) and b) they look so grown up! Seriously, are these portrait photographers contractually obligated to shatter parents’ hearts? It just drives home how quickly it’s going and lord, what an incredibly poor job I’m doing actually processing it in the moment. How can you, though? You can’t – or at least I can’t. You have to have that distance to fully appreciate that you’ve been having almost-kind of-sort of sophisticated conversations with your three year old for the last month or so. It takes a few days to clue in that your five year old hasn’t sassed you recently (don’t worry – we never get much further than a few consecutive days with this one). Today I realized that H is doing most of the hand movements to Itsy Bitsy Spider and If You’re Happy And You Know It. I also realized that J is out tomorrow night (potty training workshop…if I’m lying I’m dying) and I didn’t quite have that sinking “Ughhhh I have to put them all to bed MYSELF” feeling that’s plagued me for the last, oh, year and a half at least? It is obviously way too call it for “Hey, it’s gotten BETTER.” Because really, it’ll probably have to actually BE better for a year or two before I notice.