Super weird couple of weeks. Christmas was lovely, the kids have been kicking around the house with the odd day at daycare, and I have been fighting what feels like three viruses simultaneously. I took the first couple of sick days I ever remember having taken in my entire professional life! All of which makes me feel like I haven’t been to work in weeks and weeks. So strange. As tough as it is being home with the kids so much – in case you haven’t clued in yet, I’m NOT the kind of mom who would like nothing better than to be home with my kids full time! – I’m feeling some of the rewards of at least A being more grown up. We’ve been skating three times (and she’s surprisingly good!) and today we’re going swimming with her friend. There’s like a whole world of stuff you can do when you’re on your own with a 5 year old! I feel bad, because C is now big enough to clue in to what we’re doing, proclaiming “I wanna go skating!” and “I wanna go swimming!” but he’s still way too much of a wild card, and not even close to being fully potty trained (YES, at 3.5!). He’s not nearly as hooliganish as he was, but he’s still not a picnic to deal with, and so, poor chicken gets to stay home and drive Daddy and H crazy. Sorry bud. Incentive to pull yourself together, okay?